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The antivirus software is meant to be installed only on devices (PCs & Macs) provided by INFN; an installation on third party devices is not allowed even if INFN's personnel use them.


The initial installation must be done from the networks of our sites, so verify the your PC/Mac has an IP address compatible with the following formats:

  • Laboratories in Area: 140.105.6.x 140.105.221.x (escluso = eduroam)
  • Department of Physics - via Valerio: 140.105.7.x 140.105.131.x
  • Department of Physics - Miramare: 140.105.31.x 140.105.192.x
  • Udine associated group: 158.110.40.x 158.110.150.x

where x=1,..,254

If you don't know your IP address connect to whatsmyip.


Before installing the software, it's necessary to remove any other antivirus program present on your device, for Sophos refer to the producer site.

Then download the right version for your device:

Proceed with the installation as usual, at the end, you'll be asked to restart the PC/Mac, once the computer reboots the software will update itself automatically.



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