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When research finds application

Interview with Valter Bonvicini, INFN researcher and chair of the INFN Scientific National Commission 5, dedicated to the coordination of applied research activities.

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February 2019 issue of INFN Newsletter includes an interview with Valter Bonvicini, researcher of INFN Trieste.
A short excerpt follows:

The achievements of the research carried out at INFN are increasingly exploited in areas other than fundamental physics. This is due to the ambitious research objectives of frontier physics experiments. The need to push technologies beyond the limits of existing possibilities often leads to the development of solutions whose high performance can easily be applied inmany sectors. INFN, in particular, is a solid reference at the national and international level for applications related to the development of prototypes and to the creation of today's particle accelerators. Those technologies find application in other research fields and in areas with several and econiomic impact, such as medicine, sensors, electronics, information technology and materials analysis. The INFN National Scientific Commission 5 was established to coordinate technological research and the development of applications of the methods and technologies developed at INFN. We asked Valter Bonvicini, chair of the Commission, to describe the main lines of research and development in which INFN is investing currently and in the foreseeable future.

Read the complete interview with Valter Bonvicini on the INFN Newsletter (pdf).



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