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The PITRE software

PITRE (Phase-sensitive x-ray Image processing and Tomography REconstruction) is a software developed by INFN Trieste n order to facilitate and standardize the simulation and elaboration of X-ray phase contrast images. The acronym PITRE in Italian is pronounced /'pi.tre/; the pronunciation is the same of “P3”, which is then chosen as a logo for the PITRE program. A batch processing manager for PITRE, called PITRE_BM, can execute a series of tasks ("jobs"), which is created via PITRE, without manual intervention.

PITRE is freeware and allows:

  1. phase retrieval for propagation-based X-ray phase-contrast imaging/tomography (PPCT)
  2. extraction of apparent absorption, refraction and ultra-small-angle scattering images for analyzer-based X-ray phase-contrast imaging/tomography (DEI-CT)
  3. parallel beam extended view CT data handling
  4. tomography reconstruction: parallel beam CT,PPCT and DEI-CT,employing filter back-projection and GRIDREC algorithms
  5. images format conversion or cropping
  6. and lots more

Installing PITRE on your PC

System requirements: nowadays PC can run PITRE without any problem. One suggestion is to have sufficient RAM size due to the sinogram generation method. Moreover, it is recommended to use 64-bit version (both for the OS and for PITRE) rather than 32-bit in case the PC RAM size is larger than 4 Gigabytes.

Installation guide:

1. Install 32/64 bit IDL (version 7.1 or higher), which can be downloaded from Exelis Visual Information website after a simple registration, on windows XP (or newer version). The IDL Virtual Machine is included in the IDL installation file and does not require a license to run.

2. Download the PITRE installer (32/64 bit) and run it as Administrator; the installer will process the following actions on your PC:

  • Extract PITRE files to default directory 'C:\PITRE\'
  • Add 'C:\PITRE\lib\' to Windows system environment variable "Path". In this way, PITRE will locate and call automatically the external libraries, such as Gridrec and GraphicsMagick
  • Request to reboot the PC, which is essential for the previous step to take effect

3. Reboot the PC.

4. Double click 'PITRE.sav' (or use IDL Virtual Machine to open it) to run the software.



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