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First Physics Production Analysis

General Information

This run is the result of the propreduction for the first physics simulation run by Peter Hristov. They can be found in his castor directory /castor/ These files have also been copied in the GRID directory: /alice/

In total the analysis was performed on 9500 events

Analysis Tools

GRID analysis of clusters - Provided by Panos

  • The JDL file that should be put in your AliEn working directory.
  • The executable that should be put in your $HOME/bin directory in AliEn.
  • The xml collection, which is a collection of galice files - this is just an example.
  • The macro to read the RecPoints.root files and loop over the clusters.

Results From The Analysis of Clusters

Number of clusters per module per event
Module number with clusters
Local coordinates x-y-z
Global coordinates x-y-z
Cluster type - Charge ratio - Cluster charge
Cluster charge (P-Side) - Cluster charge (N-Side) - qN/qP
Cluster charge map - Cluster charge correlation



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