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Run Information

  1. What do you need before coming for shift?

    The first thing you need to do before coming from shifts is to sign the proper electronic access requests. This can be done by using the EDH system. In the main page you need to click on the access request button and then select and sign the following electronic requests:

    • ALI-ACR (control room)
    • ALI-COF (coffee room)
    • ALI-CR4 (for the SSD experts)

      Last but not least, you need to follow the security course that takes place in building 55 (close to Entrance B). More information on these courses can be found in the safety courses web page.

  2. Where to go when you are on shift?

    The SSD has a dedicated work station in the second working room next to the general ACR at Point 2. Go to the room opposite to the entrance, the SSD station is the first one you see when you enter the control room (2 computers). On the keyboard you will see the "SSD" sticker. You can make sure that this is the correct place by the desperate faces of the people around...

  3. How to book your shifts

    Shifts can be booked using the ALICE Shift Management System - SMS (use your NICE login and PWD).

    The new shifters are advised to book the morning shifts. Once you book your shifts the SSD run coordinator will be automatically informed, but please notify David as well by sending him a mail including you NICE username so that he adds you in the DCS db.

    In addition, you should send a mail to the SSD run coordinator and ask to activate your account to:

    In case of problems or questions, please contact the SSD run coordinator.



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