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Detector Commissioning - Part 4

Dead time and readout rate measurements

These measurements were performed in July 2009. This excel file has the details of all the measurements.

SSD dead time (l2a.slm)SSD readout rate (l2a.slm)SSD dead time - readout rate (L2r)


Time evolution of the SSD calibration objects

We monitor the time evolution of the output of the DA that goes to the OCDB. In particular we monitor the:

  • average p and n-side noise for the channels that are not included in the bad channels' list,
  • the percentage of bad p and n-side channels.

December 2009

Average p and n-side noise
Percentage of bad p and n-side channels

November 2009

Average p and n-side noise
Percentage of bad p and n-side channels



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