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Reaching our sites

Reaching INFN at Dept. of Physics

The Department of Physics in Trieste is part of the University campus, located at Piazzale Europa 1, and is marked as Building F.

A map is available.

If you want to reach the Department of Physics from the town, read the timetables of bus lines number 3, 4, 17, slashed 17, 39 e 51 on Trieste Trasporti web site.

Reaching INFN labs at Area Science Park

INFN labs are hosted by AREA Science Park of Trieste, inside the Padriciano campus, 10 km far from the city center and 40 km far from Ronchi dei Legionari international airport.

INFN labs are located in the L3 building.

A map is available.

Bus line 51 departs from the centre of Trieste and terminate in Padriciano. Trieste Trasporti site includes information about routes and timetables.



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