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TWICE: Techniques for Wide-range Instrumentation in Calorimetry Experiments


Spokeperson: Valter Bonvicini (INFN - Trieste)


Start of experiment: 2011

Duration: 3 years (2013)


Scientific objectives:

- Development of advanced silicon photomultipliers (SiPM) with large area (∼ 10 sqcm) and dynamic range;

- Application of the SiPMs to new materials (crystals and heavy glasses) for compensating hadronic calorimeters in HEP and Astroparticle Physics experiments.


Collaboration: Trieste, Udine, Milano-Bicocca, Messina, Napoli, Salerno, Roma 1.



• Realization and characterization (in laboratory and with particle beams) of large area SiPMs ("QUAD" devices, fabricated by FBK - Trento, Italy) coupled to PWO crystals. Each QUAD SiPM has a surface of about 1 sqcm and a total number of pixels of 22500.

• Design, simulation (with Geant4), realization and test on particle beams of "Shashlik" calorimeters with SiPM read-out. The calorimeters feature a gain-control system for the SiPMs. The read-out of the SiPM signals has been performed with both discrete and integrated (MAROC ASICs) front-end electronics.

• Design and realization of ultra-wide bandwidth (3 GHz) front-end amplifiers for SiPM read-out.

• Application of SiPMs to the read-out of WLS fibers coupled to large extruded scintillators for muon detectors/tail catchers.

• Fabrication (with different technologies) and test with high energy particle beams of heavy glass cells ("ADRIANO"), with WLS and SciFi fibers coupled to SiPMs, for dual read-out calorimetry. Obtained in tes beam ca. 70 pe/GeV of Cerenkov light.



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