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Seminario "Fun with tau: new Belle II prospects in tau physics"

Speaker: Dr. Ilya Komarov (DESY)

Lunedì 16 settembre 2019 alle ore 10:30 nella sala riunioni della palazzina INFN presso il Campus di Padriciano, il dr. Ilya Komarov terrà il seminario dal titolo: "Fun with tau: new Belle II prospects in tau physics".


Belle II is expected to collect tens of billions of tau-lepton pairs in the upcoming data-taking period. This unique sample of unprecedented size offers world-best sensitivities in direct searches for rare tau decays. In addition, measurements that target the two-tau system allow for many more interesting probes of the Standard Model (SM), with the additional advantage that many of them will become available well before the collection of the full data set. I outline the Belle II tau program – spanning from measurement of SM parameters to tests of lepton-flavor universality. In particular, I discuss a specifically interesting example of an original experimental program that offers relevant results well distributed over the short-term (one year), midterm (two to three years) and long-term (more than three years) future.




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