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Seminario: How are we here?

Il seminario sarà tenuto il 6 dicembre alle ore 11 nella stanza 205 all'IFPU da Carlos Peña Garay, direttore dei Canfranc labs.

I will discuss the theoretical and experimental activities in neutrinoless double beta decay associated to the Laboratorio Subterráneo de Canfranc. The question on the nature of neutrinos posed by Majorana has been challenged with limits on the half-life of the neutrinoless double beta decay at the level of 10^26 years. Progress by two orders of magnitude is forecasted to be achieved in the new phase of ton-scale experiments.

I will summarize the current status and future plans for the experiments in the LSC. This tremendous progress should be engaged to a significant improvement in the theoretical calculations of matrix elements, which involve better theoretical description, computational tools and new data on nuclear processes. I will present some recent steps in this direction.

Speaker: Prof. Carlos Peña Garay (Laboratorio Subterraneo de Canfranc)

Friday, December 6, 11h00am – Room 205, IFPU



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