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1. Detail of the chip CASTOR. The bonding pads and part of the analog circuits are visible



CASTOR is a CMOS VLSI cell intended for multi-channel counting. The circuit includes, for each of its 32 channels, both the analog section for the amplification of the signals, coming from the detector, and the digital processing section achieving, in a single component, a complete device for particle counting. It includes also the circuitry for serial data readout, and is one of the first VLSI comprehensive of the whole acquisition chain.

This electronics has been realized in collaboration with the LEPSI laboratory of Strasbourg and meant to be employed in the SYRMEP project which is dedicated to the development of silicon detectors for digital radiology.


2. Detail of the chip CASTOR


3. Four CASTOR chips mounted on a special board for the read-out of a Syrmep detector




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