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(al)pine settings

Warning: at present using pine on our server is not supported.

Add or change the following settings into the file named .pinerc (please notice the dot!) in your home directory

  • inbox-path={}inbox
  • incoming-folders=
  • folder-collections=posta {}[]
  • customized-hdrs=From: "Firstname Lastname" <>

Please pay attention to the syntax and avoid undesired carriage returns.

If you like, you may add/modify the following line to .pinerc, in order to fix a problem that might happen when displaying the sent messages: sometimes the sender's address might be displayed instead of the receiver's. This can be fixed by the following setting:

  • alt-addresses=comma-separated list of all your e-mail addresses at INFN Trieste

For instance:


Important note about subfolders

In order to access the subfolders of a folder, press the key ">" instead of "Enter", after moving the cursor on the parent folder. The "Enter" key allows to access the messages contained in a folder, not its subfolders.

If you have defined other folders...

If you have defined some specific folders in .pinerc, for instance as default-fcc, default-saved-msg-folder, postponed-folder, read-message-folder, change the settings as follows:

  • default-fcc={}Sent

The example above is related to a folder named Sent.



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