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Changing your password

This service makes you able to change your password to access the computing services at INFN Trieste and the INFN portal.
Read some suggestions about choosing a secure and valid password.
A good password should:
  • be 10 to 30 characters long. The longer, the better;
  • include at least 6 different characters;
  • contain characters belonging to at least 3 subsets out of the following four ones: uppercase letters; lowercase letters; digits; others;
  • not contain data that can be easily related to you; i.e. do not use your birth date, relatives' names, and so on;
  • not be based on words that you may find in a dictionary of any language.

Your current credentials

Type your username to access INFN computing services (INFN portal, Linux systems, mailbox).
Type the password you currently use to get access the account specified above.

New password

Type the new password you like to use.
Type the new password again for verification.


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