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Access to computing resources

Requesting an account on computing services at INFN Trieste

In order to get access to the IT resources of INFN Trieste you need to create a user profile on the INFN site by following the listed steps:

  1. Register on
    Instructions are available here: Signup Help
  2. After the registration, connect to the site using the credentials you have just entered. On that site you may:
    • Enter your personal data needed for identification.
    • Choose the INFN site and the Contact (approver) in charge for approving your request for access to IT resources.
    • Read and accept the regulations for the use of INFN computer resources.
    • Read the information on the processing of personal data.
  3. Upon approval of the request by the chosen contact person, you will receive a confirmation email with the notice that you will be contacted by the office in charge for identity recognition.
  4. After completing the previous step you will be allowed to fill up a request for an account on INFN Trieste IT resources at the following address:
    You are not allowed to fill up an account request unless all the previous steps have been completed.

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